Chicken Dumpling Soup Recipe


Chicken dumpling soup is a delicious version of normal chicken soup. It is hot and soupy with lots of protein. It contains fibers and minerals too. This is made of small chicken pieces in the hot soupy water with lots of vegetables and cream. In this blog, a very easy recipe of chicken dumpling soup will be shared.

Image credits: chicken dumpling soup by Arnold Gatilao, lisence under CC 2.0

Main Ingredients

Chicken breast, milk, flour and butter.

Time of preparation

10 minutes

Time of cooking

25 to 30 minutes


For 3 to 4 persons


It contains lots of proteins and fibers.

Preparation of the ingredients

·         Rinse vegetables properly.

·         Chop celery and parsley.

·         Chop carrots.

·         Prepare chicken breasts.

·         Chop one big onion.


Chicken250-300 gm
Bay leaves1 to 2
SaltTo taste
PepperTo taste
Parsley3-4 tbsp
Butter5 tbsp
Baking powder1 tbsp
Garlic1 tbsp
Milk2 cups
Flour2 cups

Preparation procedure of smooth dough for dumplings

·        Take some flour, half table spoon of baking powder, and salt in a bowl.

·        Mix them well with hands.

·        Add cold butter and pour some milk into the mixture.

·         Mix them well and knead for a minute.

Preparation procedure of soup

·         Firstly, put the chicken pieces into a cooking pot and add 2 to 4 cups of water.

·         Boil the water in high flame for some minutes.

·         Collect the boiled chicken pieces into a bowl and collect the chicken broth in another bowl.

·         Shredded the pieces of chicken.

·         Put 2 table spoon of butter in a large cooking pan and heated to low flame.

·         Add chopped onion, carrots, celery, and garlic in the melted butter.

·         Cook and stir for some minutes in low flame.

·         Add the shredded chicken and pour some chicken broth.

·         Season with salt, pepper, parsley and 1 bay leave.

·         Now to add the dumplings, pinch off small inch pieces from the prepared dough and drop them into the boiling liquid.

·         Simmer and cover the pan with a lid.

·         Cook it for 15 minutes.

·         The dumplings start to float on the top of the soup.

·         Chicken dumplings soup is ready and it should be served warm.

Variation on the recipe

·         Any kind of vegetables can be added to make it different.

·         To make this soup heavy, you can add some cream.

Tips for delicious soup making

·         Rinse the chicken pieces before cooking.

·         Chop vegetables and chicken into proper cubed sized.

·         Use sufficient amount of broth.

·         To make it delicious, one can add cornstarch.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of this creamy dumpling soup (1 bowl) is stated below:

Calories- 240 kCal

Fat- 12 g

Calcium- 20 mg

Sodium- 740 mg

Net Carbohydrates- 20 g

Protein- 15 g

Vitamin A- 300 mcg

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