Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe


Chicken pot pie soup is a comfort, creamy and delicious food. It is hearty too. It is a one pot meal. Chicken pot pie soup is made of chicken pieces in the hot soupy water with some veggies. A classic and simple recipe to prepare chicken pot pie soup is here in this blog to share with you all. This soup contains lots of protein.

Image credits: Chicken pot pie soup by Eisie Hui, lisence under CC 2.0

Main Ingredients

Chicken and vegetables.

Time of preparation

15 to 20 minutes

Time of cooking

30 to 40 minutes


For 4 people.


It contains protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Preparation of the ingredients

·         Rinse the pieces of chicken properly.

·         Rinse potato and other veggies.

·         Chop one large onion.

·         Chop some celery.

·         Chop some carrots.

·         Chop garlic.


Chicken250-300 gm
Flour2 cups
Potatoes4 to 5
SaltTo taste
PepperTo taste
Chicken stock2 cups
Celery1 Cup
Cream1 cup
Corn1 cup
Peas1 Cup

Preparation procedure

·         In a cooking pot add 2 to 3 tablespoon of butter.

·         Add chopped onions, carrots, celery, and salt.

·         Cook the veggies by occasionally stirring.

·         Add garlic and 1 cup of flour and stir constantly for some time.

·         Add chicken stock and stir.

·         Now add chopped potatoes, pepper and boil them in medium high heat.

·         When the potatoes become soft, add pieces of chicken.

·         Add peas and corn

·         And cook them in medium heat for at least 10 minutes.

·         Add heavy cream and simmer the soup now in medium low flame.

·         Thus pot pie chicken soup is ready.

Variation on the recipe

·         Noodles can be added to get pot pie chicken noodles soup.

·         Some bay leaves can be added for flavor.

Tips for delicious soup making

·         Raise the ingredients and chicken pieces thoroughly.

·         Chop chicken into small sized.

·         Parsley may be added just before serving.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of this chicken pot pie soup is stated below (per bowl):

  Calories- 499 cal

  Fat- 20 g

  Sodium- 823 mg

  Carbohydrate- 1.1 g

  Protein- 28 g

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