Taco Chicken Soup Recipe


Taco chicken soup is a easy and quick to cook chicken soup. It can be prepared in a single pot. It has combination of taste and nutrition. This soup contains chicken with taco seasoning. Today we will shared a recipe for making Taco chicken soup at kitchen in this blog.

Image credits: Taco chicken soup by Gloria Cabada, lisence under CC 2.0

Main Ingredients

Chicken and taco seasoning.

Time of preparation

15 minutes

Time of cooking

4 hours.


For 10 to 12 peoples


It contains protein and vitamins.

Preparation of ingredients

·         Rinse the chicken thigh pieces.

·         Rinse beans.

·         Cut tomatoes, green chilies.


Salt½ tablespoon
Tomato1to 2
Tomato sauce½ cup
Chicken thighs250-300 gm
Green chili2 to 3
Taco seasoning1 packet
Whole kernel corn1 cup
White onion1
Black beans1 cup
Chili beans1 cup

Preparation procedure

·         Put onion, beans, corn, tomato sauce, chopped tomato in a cooker.

·         Add taco seasoning.

·         Add chicken pieces and add water.

·         Then cook for 3 hours in low flame.

·         Then transfer the chicken pieces from the cooker and shred.

·         Add shredded chicken back again into the soup mixture.

·         Add cream and cheese.

·         Add ½ tablespoon of salt.

·         The soup will be finally ready after stirring all the materials.

 Variation on the recipe

·         Pepper can also be spread over the soup.

·         Herbs or bay leaves can be added.

·         Tortilla can be added to get tortilla taco chicken soup.

Tips for making delicious soup

·         Cut the chicken and other ingredients into equal size.

·         Cook until the chicken is boiled properly.

Nutritional value

The nutritional value of this soup is stated below (for 1 g):

  Calories- 125 kcal

  Fat- 2 g

  Carbohydrate- 15 g

  Protein- 13 g

           Fiber- 4 g

           Sugar- 3 g

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